Music Schedule

Music Schedule

Friday Night

5:00pm to 7:00pm – Joyce Bevan on the Piano

7:00pm to 10:30pm

Saturday Night

8:00pm -1130pm



September 23    Mike Eve                                                               1950-70 Golden Hits

September 24  Liam Ford                                                               

September 30 Roger Boll ( w/Ron Kovas)                                     Easy listening Golden Hits

October 1       Nite Trax

October 2       Blues explosion                                                       3pm-830pm 7 Blues bands cover charge $15.00

Reverend Raven& Chain Smoking Alter Boys,

Johnny T-Bird, Big Al Dorn, Robert Allen,

Blues Fame, The Blues Disciples, and

Danny Moore

October 6       Open Jam                                                                 Freddie Marquez  and the All Stars

October 7        Bobby Way                                                               Various oldies, rock, dance

October 8        Nostalgia

October  14     Frankie Donn

October 15      Vinyl Road                                                                70-80 Rock dance, pop

October 21     Tomm Lehnigk

October 22     Freddy & The Cruisers

October 23      Chris Vesche                                                            Octoberfest

October 28      Chris Vesche

October 29      Ricochettes                                                              Halloween Party